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Currently I am putting all my efforts into tryinng to establish a presence on Facebook†as it is a very interactive way of doing things. Please like the Geall Gallery page and you will get regular updates on what I am up to.

12/10/2018 Boggle hole dawn, I’ve been having a very sucessful run with Robin Hood’s Bay paintings lately. In years gone by I have painted lots of Saltwick bay dawns, a place that hardly anyone goes to. Now that I’ve finally got it into my thick skull that people want paintings of places they know and love I seem to be having much greater success. There is no doubt that “Bay” is very special and the more time I spend there the more I fall in love with it.

If you click on the image you will be taken to a Youtube video of me painting it.

09/10/2018 I’ve just finished this commission of the Durham miners march, if you click on the image it should take you to a youtube video of me doing it.

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Incoming tide Robin Hood's Bay and oil painting by Chris Geall

Incoming Tide, Robin Hood’s Bay:

This has already sold.

Glen Sannox on the Isle of Arran. Last weekend we had a lad's trip to Arran, cycling on the first day and walking the second. We walked up Goat Fell and then descended down into Glenn Sannox , which is a stunning glacial valley to the north....heaven, so peaceful. The peak in the distance is Cir Mhor.

Again this next one sold straight away, it’s Robin Hood’s Bay early morning.

Currently I have only two large paintings from this year in the gallery, I’ve had a bit of a good run lately.

Sunset from Whitby East pier, 150 x 50cm £1300

Whitby East pier, sunset Ann oil painting by Yorkshire artist Chris Geall

There is a video of me painting it here:†

Moorland Sunset, Fairhead above Grosmont near Whitby North Yorkshire, palette knife oil painting by Chris Geall

Moorland sunset on top of Fairhead. 150 x 50cm £1300

Oil painting by Chris Geall, warm sunset over the Hole of horcum, near Whitby, North Yorkshire

Warm sunset over the Hole of Horcum, 21st July 2018. Oil on canvas 100cm x 80cm.£850.

Boats at Staithes, low tide, an oil painting by Chris Geall. Staithes Harbour, North Yorkshire

Boats at Staithes, low tide £540, canvas size 60 x 60cm

Fryup Dale from above Oakley walls near Danby Beacon, 60 x 60 cm in and Ash frame £540

Bluebell Study, Grosmont woods 60 x 60cm in an Ash frame £540

I'm a landscape artist based in Grosmont near Whitby, North Yorkshire. I am best known for large palette knife oil paintings of the North Yorkshire Moors area and North East Coastline. 7 years ago I bought back the Grosmont gallery and renamed it "The Geall Gallery " . During the week you will normally be able to catch me painting in my studio at the back , I don’t bite so come and have a chat.

I'm not big on artist’s statements so rather than making you wade through a whole load of drivel I’ll just guide you to my† BLOG †page and you can see what I’ve been up to recently or you can see some of my older work in the Archive or my Old Blog.

I’m currently also showing at †the Look Gallery in Helmsley.

Over half my work comes from commissions so if you like what you see I am more than happy to do requests. I like to keep things nice and relaxed so will only take on a painting that I know I will be able to sell myself if the customer isn't totally satisfied.

Here's a couple of video's for your entertainment.

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