Chris Geall

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I'm a landscape artist based in Grosmont near Whitby, North Yorkshire. I am best known for large palette knife oil paintings of the North Yorkshire Moors area and North East Coastline. 5 years ago I bought back the Grosmont gallery and renamed it "The Geall Gallery " and I've teamed up with a local cook, Jayne Harrison, who runs "The Artisan Cafe" from the premises. During the week you will normally be able to catch me painting in my studio at the back , I don’t bite so come and have a chat.

I'm not big on artist’s statements so rather than making you wade through a whole load of drivel I’ll just guide you to my BLOG page and you can see what I’ve been up to recently or you can see some of my older work in the Archive or my Old Blog.

I’m currently showing at two other galleries:Trattles and Geallin ?Whitby and the Look Gallery in Helmsley.

Over half my work comes from commissions so if you like what you see I am more than happy to do requests. I like to keep things nice and relaxed so will only take on a painting that I know I will be able to sell myself if the customer isn't totally satisfied.

Here's a couple of video's for your entertainment.

Chris was born in 1965 and showed a flair for Art at a very early age. However, at 21 he decided to study Chemical Engineering at Edinburgh University.

During his studies he met a Potter and this planted the seed that he would love to make a living from Art. After qualifying from University he set out on his artistic adventure before settling down to “proper work”.

He spent 2 years working in a shed at the rear of his parents house before he realised he would never be able to generate sufficient income to ever be able to finance the purchase of his own home.

Hence he began working for Cargill PLC in Bootle, Liverpool Docks, married and had his first child. Although Chris enjoyed his time as a Chemical Engineer, the long hours, and prospects of working abroad did not fit in very well with family life. He decided to drop out of the Rat Race and moved to Ayrshire. He spent 2 years there potting like crazy, selling through ten different Galleries, and having another child.

Despite this idyllic life style, in 1998 he visited friends in Whitby, came to watch the first Kit Boat being launched from Parkol Shipyard and accidentally bumped into a local potter, John Egerton. From John he learnt that Grosmont Gallery was up for sale. The thought of working from his own gallery was too good an opportunity to miss.

And so Chris arrived in North Yorkshire. He set up his Kiln and Potters’ Wheel at the back of the gallery and got started. Business was good but the onset of Foot and Mouth in the area changed all that. As he was about to go bankrupt, and the prospect of returning to Chemical Engineering reared its ugly head, he decided to throw caution to the wind and follow his love of painting. Although he’d always worked predominantly in Watercolour, touching on Acrylic and Pastels occassionally, he was never overly pleased with his achievements. Now was the time to pick up a palette knife and start splashing some oil paint about. He found this very therepeutic and realisedoil painting was his true calling and never looked back from that moment on.

Reluctantly, due to personal circumstances, he had to sell the Gallery in 2004 but still loved the North Yorkshire Moors area, so he relocated to Ruswarp and continued to exhibit and sell his work in local galleries.

Another fantastic opportunity presented its self, in 2007, to lease premises in Whitby, which he opened as Trattles and Geall Fine Arts. He was thrilled to be in charge of his own destiny once more, enjoying the interaction with the public whilst painting in his studio area.

Although Trattles and Geall was a thriving success, he recently became divorced, and realised Grosmont Gallery and Jazz Cafe was up for sale again and the urge to give up the hustle and bustle of Whitby for the calm and serenity of Grosmont was too great a pull for him to ignore. Chris Geall Artist 2012